Hawai‘i Revised Statutes, Chapter 205‐44 identifies eight standards and criteria that need to be considered when identifying lands that are worthy of the IAL designation:

1. Land currently used for agricultural production

2. Land with soil qualities and growing conditions that support agricultural production of food, fiber, or fuel‐ and energy‐producing crops

3. Land identified under agricultural productivity rating systems, such as the agricultural lands of importance to the State of Hawai‘I (ALISH) system adopted by the Board of Agriculture on January 28, 1977

4. Land types associated with traditional native Hawaiian agricultural uses, such as taro cultivation, or unique agricultural crops and uses, such as coffee, vineyards, aquaculture, and energy production

5. Land with sufficient quantities of water to support viable agricultural production

6. Land whose designation as important agricultural lands is consistent with general, development, and community plans of the county

7. Land that contributes to maintaining a critical land mass important to agricultural operating productivity, and

8. Land with or near support infrastructure conducive to agricultural productivity, such as transportation to markets, water, or power.

DPP has added a ninth criterion for additional consideration:

9. Land with agricultural easements

Over the last 3 years DPP has worked with a Technical Advisory Committee to map the criteria and develop a process to use the criteria to select land that should be considered for inclusion in lands designated as IAL per Chapter 205, HRS, Part III (Important Agricultural Land).

The maps presented in this Map Viewer reflect those lands that meet at least one of the 3 criteria identified as the most critical criteria:

  1. Land currently used for agricultural production (Criterion 1)
  2. Land with suitable soil qualities and growing conditions (Criterion 2)
  3. Land with sufficient quantities of water (Criterion 5)

Using the Map Viewer, it is possible to see all the land on O‘ahu that meets at least one of these 3 criteria. The map shows parcel lines so you can identify how individual parcels have been selected. The map also shows land previously designated IAL by private landowner action (Existing IAL Lands), and land that is owned by the State of Hawai‘i within the State Agricultural District. Finally, it is possible to use the Layers Icon (see image below) to look at a parcel and see which of the 3 criteria affect that parcel. The Map Viewer allows you to zoom in on individual parcels.

Click to view the O‘ahu IAL Map Viewer