Project Area

IAL Study Area
The study area is comprised of about 64,300 acres of farm land that meet the eligibility requirements for consideration under the county designation process.

“Each county shall identify and map potential IAL within its jurisdiction based on the standards and criteria in section 205-44 and the intent of this part, except lands that have been designated, through the state land use, zoning, or county planning process, for urban use by the State or county

(HRS 205-47a)

The screening process to determine lands in the study area excluded roughly 80 percent of the land area on O‘ahu, based on exclusions specified in HRS, Chapter 205. Excluded lands represent some 317,000 acres that were not included in the study area.  Land is considered ineligible for IAL by the county if it meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • In the state Urban or State Conservation Land Use Districts
  • Owned by the Federal government
  • Owned by the State government (including land owned by DHHL and OHA)
  • Owned by an individual landowner, if more than 50 percent of that landowner’s property is already designated as IAL, or
  • Designated by county land use plans or zoning for urban use.

Acres Designated as IAL Statewide (Dec. 2017)


Roughly 133,580 acres statewide have been designated as IAL, which accounts for almost 7 percent of the total acreage (1,928,034 acres) in the State Agricultural District.  On O‘ahu, roughly 11,820 acres have been designated as IAL as of December 2017.